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Periodontal (Gum) Management

Signs of Periodontal Disease


   Gums that hurt or bleed when brushed

   Gums which appear smaller, or teeth that appear longer

   Loosened teeth

   Teeth that fall out

   Swelling of the gums


As you can see, periodontal disease is not a lighthearted issue. Dr. Andy Hsiau and his tem of professionals take periodontal cases very seriously, and will quickly respond with gum disease therapy. Contact our dentist office immediately if you believe that you may be affected by this condition.


We use non-surgical periodontal therapy to slow the progression of gum disease. Root planing and scaling involves removing bacteria that has worked its way into the gums as well as affected tissue.


We also utilize the technology of Diode Laser, a new form of laser gum therapy that not only helps to remove bacteria and also encourage new healthy tissue growth.



This can help prevent further progression of the disease and tooth loss, and our dental patients appreciate our ability to perform periodontal therapy as a part of our preventive dentistry services.


Our staff will treat you gently and with compassion during every treatment, and are ready to rejuvenate your oral health with effective periodontal therapy.


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