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Digital Intra-Oral X-Rays

Digital radiography is the latest advancement for dental x-rays. With digital x-rays, we place a small thin sensor, similar to traditional x-rays, into your mouth to capture the digital images of your teeth. 


SO why do we use it? The benefits are immense,  


1, Less Radiation

it uses 90% less radation when compared to traditional film x-ray. Although bitewing x-rays are extremely safe, the digital option is convenient for patients who would like the lowest radiation option available.


2, Images are enhanced  

With digital x-rays, we can manipulate it. We can magnify the x-ray for a better look or change the brightness and contrast, which allows us to identify cavities that may be hard to see on traditional small films.


3, No waiting around.

The digital x-ray shows up almost immediately instead of having to wait few minutes to develop each film, which drastically cut down the appointment time wastage. It also does not use chemicals to reduce environmental damage.


4, Transferring Dental Records

X-ray in digital format can be easily transferred via USB, CD or email, it allows easy inter-disciplinary referral.


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