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Caries Management

Caries (tooth decay) is the technical term for the bacterial infection that causes cavities.  Our office uses a completely preventive approach to minimize decay in your mouth.  We can perform a risk assessment including the use of equipment that evaluates your chance of having high caries rate.


Extensive research has now shown that dental caries is a “biofilm disease”.  A biofilm is a diverse community of bacteria attached to a surface interacting as a self contained ecosystem.  Dental plaque is a biofilm. Biofilm bacteria are 1000 times harder to kill than free floating bacteria. Therefore dental caries is much more complicated than previously thought.


If you are at high or moderate risk, we now have many preventive strategies that can be used to minimize the decay process instead of waiting to repair holes in your teeth. The use of prescription fluoride toothpastes, the application of fluoride varnishes, ph-altering rinse systems, xylitol products and the use of a calcium phosphate paste to provide your saliva and biofilm with the necessary ingredients to reverse and repair decay naturally are some of our available treatments. Please speak to the Awesome Smiles dentists about how we can help prevent decay!

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