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In a dentist chair? 


That may sound like two completely unrelated statements, but in Awesome Smiles, we strive to bring the two sentences together. 


Firstly, we have highly trained staff that will greet you at the reception; they have the ability to answer your questions in most regards, which can help alleviate any questions you may have.


Our dentists are also highly capable to make sure all work in done proficiently and to high standard. We are fully aware that you coming to see a dentist may not be the first pick of all tings you like to do, however, we are compassionate and caring, we view you as not just another record number but a valued member of Awesome Smiles family.


There are of course other means to ease your concern, we have inhaler such as Penthrox, Nitrous Oxide laughing gas, medicaments, topical numbing gels and full conscious sedation.


Please follow the pages below to see more details what may ease your concern. The goal? To give you an awesome smile without awful lot of sweats.



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