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Care Routine

Setting up a dental care routine

By making sure your child gets used to taking care of their teeth and gums from the start as part of their normal routine, you are giving them the best chance of avoiding dental problems later.

Begin by establishing regular tooth cleaning from young and, once the child is old enough to hold their own toothbrush, let them try to get into a routine. Parents shoudl always supervise the child when they are brushing. Children over the age of about six years can clean their own teeth, and make twice-daily tooth brushing (after breakfast and last thing at night) a part of their everyday routine.

Children need to use smaller toothbrushes but with the same type of bristles as adults - and there are plenty of novel designs available to tempt even the most reluctant tooth-cleaners. Alternatively, the novelty of using an electric toothbrush may encourage some children to brush more regularly. Special toothpastes aimed at children are milder-tasting than adult toothpastes, or fruit flavoured to appeal to young tastebuds, but they still contain fluoride (at a lower level than adult toothpastes) to help prevent tooth decay. Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and supervise brushing in children under six years.


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