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Children Dentistry

Your children are precious. Therefore it is important to look after all part of their wellbeing. At Awesome Smiles, we realize just how easy it can be when you are focusing on their everyday development, that sometimes you can overlook a very important part of their health, their teeth.


That’s why we have especially set up our surgery to look after your child; we have the expertise and experience in maintaining the health of your child’s teeth. We have many children in our surgery that have grown into adults under our watchful eye, and they are still under our care.


We do realize how different a child can be in an environment they are not familiar with, doing things they are not used to be doing, our office is designed to be fun and to help children feel safe and comfortable. 


Our staff loves kids; we have kids of our own, we make children feel special. We know that children are not all alike, with each one growing in his or her own unique way dentally and emotionally.


Come and let us look after your precious little ones. Let Awesome Smiles help to give your child a healthy smile for a lifetime.



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