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Our Surgery

Awesome Smiles Dental is a brand new fully digitized dental surgery. We employ the latest dental equipment around the world in order to provide our patients the most modern treatment facility available. 

1, State of the art equipment

Awesome Smile Dental uses fully digitized dental chair from Italy.

Each memory foam dental chair is equipped with intraoral digital camera to show you the high definition images of what is happening to your mouth. The chair is also equipped with the latest self cleaning mechanism to ensure that it is always hygienic for our patient.

All our hand pieces (drills) are from Germany, which provide maximum speed and least vibration for your comfort.

We also uses latest generation of rotary root canal therapy instruments from Japan Morita to ensure you do not have to stay in the chair any longer than necessary.

Awesome Smiles has the latest in diagnostic equipment such as digital intraoral x-rays and panoramic radiograph in-house.

Our whitening system is also second to none, with the latest Philips Zoom 4 available to all our patients for a beautiful and speedy result. 

2. Sterilization

Awesome Smiles take great care to ensure our patients receive the highest standard of care. We use the latest and strictest protocol when comes to making sure our instruments are sterile.

We use a Class B autoclave, which uses high heat and pressure to ensure all instruments are fully hygienic. It exceeds the stringent Standard EN13060. It guarantees efficiency and maximum safety in the sterilisation field.

3. Laboratory

Awesome Smiles has it s own in-house laboratory that allows us to do much onsite work, such as immediate denture repairs, whitening system fabrication and immediate indirect fillings. It gives our patient the convenience of not having to travel back and forth. It also allows better quality control for our laboratory repairs.

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