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Dr. Andy Hsiau                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Dr. Andy Hsiau is the principle dentist of Awesome Smiles Dental. Dr. Andy Hsiau emigrated from Taiwan with his family to establish a new life in Sydney back in 1990. After going through local publicschool he was admitted into Sydney University Dental School and graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2000.

After working for northern Sydney private practice for 3 years, he then went back to Sydney University and obtained his Master of Dental Science degree specializing in Community Oral Health in 2005.

Dr. Andy Hsiau has spent most of his dental career working with respected and well-known dentists. For whom are considered Sydney's leading prosthodontics and cosmetic surgeons. The experience and knowledge gained has proven invaluable to his dental career.

Dr. Hsiau has shown great interest in all aspects of general dentistry, in particular the preventive and minimally invasive dentistry. His knowledge and experience in cosmetic dentistry will sure to create many more “awesome smiles” in the year to come.

Dr. Hsiau has always maintained his strive to be a better dentist. He has recently attended courses on further cosmetic and problem diagnostic skills. Andy is highly committed to continuing educate himself and those working with him. He realizes that no one person can be good at everything, so he has carefully chosen a team of professional staff to work around him, to complement each other and provide the quality of treatment patients can expect.

Dr. Hsiau, and Awesome Smiles team sticks to one guiding principle. Do what we know well, and do it to the best of our ability. We strive to treat all patients like our family, and we will look after them like so.

Welcome to our Awesome family.

Dr. Wlliam Kong

Through excellent work and a friendly face, my patients have always come back with a great smile. It would give me great pleasure to show you how I would be great for you.

Years of dentistry have taught me the vast nature of dentistry and how absolutely important it is to everybody’s lives. Exposure and experience in multi-facet dental work has absolutely given me the skills to be able to treat you with utmost diligence.

I have an amazing appreciation for the inherent differences in the patients I treat. Whether this is due to age, finance, knowledge or health I have learned to adapt and tailor the best outcome to each patient. ‘Patience with Patients’ is the practice and it’s the very reason why my patients come back with a great smile.

I’ve experience with a wide patient base due to being on two rural placements in Ballina and Tweed Head’s NSW. These very different patient bases range from the knowledgeable and friendly to the hostile patients that need specific care.

The high workload at my rural placements combined with limited clinical equipment required more ingenuity to satisfactorily treat my patients. Treating patients was a challenge that made me want to improve myself. Most importantly I loved every single moment.


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